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In a world of rapid changes, organizations are facing tremendous challenges in coping with the ever-expanding scale and variety of workloads. The increasing demand is often dynamic and unpredictable, consuming diverse set of processing methods and resources. That places a significant strain on the infrastructure, leading to inefficient consumption and allocation of resources, which in turn leads to excessive spending in both CAPEX and OPEX.

On top of that, datacenter infrastructures are becoming more heterogeneous and therefore more complex to control, a trend which is going to intensify over the next years. With growing plurality of processing resources and accelerators (CPUs/GPUs, DPUs, xPUs), variety of ISA (x86, ARM), and emerging breeds of media such as persistent-memory.

The introduction of CXL creates an inflection point in datacenter infrastructure architecture

UnifabriX unified holistic solution

Powered by our silicon, hardware and software is unleashing the full potential of CXL.

UnifabriX technology

Proven to address system-level artifacts such as those stemming from increased latency and non-isotropic resource and interconnect topologies.


UnifabriX solution

Expanding the viability and applicability of the new architecture.

UnifabriX solution

Restores simplicity and allowing organizations to gain greater insight and control over their costs and performance targets.

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