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UnifabriX showcase CXL 3.0 Smart Memory demo


Israeli startup UnifabriX is demonstrating a CXL 3.0-connected Smart Memory device for data center and HPC memory pooling

The demo is taking place at SC22 and UnifabriX said it will involve both memory pooling and sharing, as well as performance measures. The aim is to provide multi-core CPUs with the memory and memory bandwidth needed to run compute/memory-intensive AI and machine learning workloads in data centers. Existing CPUs have socket-connected DRAM and this limits the memory capacity and bandwidth. Such limits can be bypassed with CXL memory expansion and pooling.

Ronen Hyatt, CEO and co-founder of UnifabriX, said: “We are setting out to showcase significant improvements and the immediate potential that CXL solutions have to upend HPC performance and close the gap between the evolution of processors and memory”

The company reckons its CXL-based products achieve exceptional performance and elasticity in bare-metal and virtualized environments over a wide range of applications, including the most demanding tasks.

UnifabriX was started in January 2020 by Hyatt and CTO Danny Volkind. Seed funding was provided by VCS and angel investors. Hyatt is an ex-platform architect in Intel’s Data Center Group who joined Huawei as a Smart Platforms CTO in 2018. He left to launch UnifabriX. Volkind was a system architect at Intel and was employed by Huawei as a Chief Architect. Both were at PMC Sierra before Intel and attended Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology.

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